Mayor Trenton Newjersey is a full conversion borg with civil engineering software loaded.  Much of the repair and upgrade work she has either done herself or guided others to assist.

Currency; Barter system and Credits (think Bitcoins +100 years of improvements, then locked at that level for another 300 years through dark ages of technology, then resurrected from old texts using old-fashioned greymatta and psychic divination).

Water;  Borough has running water and a basic filtration plant.

Sewage; Homes in the borough are equipped with septic systems.

Electricity; Energy grid for the Borough comes from a micro nuclear power plant pulled from a combat robot and distributed throughout the borough.  For what it was designed for against what the borough uses to recharge e-clips and run lights, it should last the borough another hundred years.

Communications; Radio and line of sight laser comms only.

Transportation; Pre-Rifts roadways exist as they were, though they are in sad repair and harmful to vehicles that travel them at speeds over 20 mph through the Borough and 30 mph everywhere else.

Military and Security; Open layout of Borough in relation to the wilderness leaves it wide open to a determined attack.  Borough would fall or be leveled within minutes.  The Mayor has established militia protocols for the Borough residents, and all residents are expected to be armed at all times.  A handful of residents serve as Marshals to keep the peace and mitigate disputes.

Transnational Issues; Borough is located in the far wilderness. It is shielded from the Coalition States by the Federation of Magic, but is not far from CS Free Quebec by a secondary route.  Shemmarrian Nation Warriors, Orks, Wild Psi-Stalker bands, D-Bees and Monsters, and ordinary wildlife prowl the surrounding areas.



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