‚ÄčThe car wash is little more than two garden hoses, buckets, and sponges now, and the sign fallen down.

Post Office / Pony Express Station is well kept. Sedgewick Joswiak sees to a small squad of local runners and contracts out deliveries and caravans to more remote locations. The group operates as a small mercenary company funded mostly by a postage tithe paid to the office. Stamps are a minor Pre-Rifts Artifact so Sedgewick uses a coding system to handle the transactions. He takes everything from credits to bartering.

Young's Funeral Home is also well-kept due to an unfortunate uptick in business. The Director is Preston Young, a descendant of the Young family who opened the home before the Rifts. The family has seen steady work since the Rifts, helping grieving families care for loved ones through prayer and counseling. The family owns a modest ranch just outside of borough limits where some members of the family tend to gardens and cultivate food that they sell to the Corner Market. The remaining members tend to the dead and the remains. Every year, they hold a banquet in the spring to mark the passing of the dead and welcome the newer life into the world. There is a small infirmary and clinic added on to the side of the home to help preserve what precious life remains in this sleepy borough.

Zanella's Corner Market and Trading Post; the beating heart of West Sunbury. Many of the local farms supply Zanella's with it's materials and goods which it sells at reasonable prices. Zanella's does not sell weapons, but it will trade ammunition and recharged e-clips. 

Wagner Mecha Services is a two-garage Mecha shop on State St. They offer excavating and landscaping services on the side, but primarily repair and refit vehicles, robots, body and power armor. It is run by Brienne and Corg Wagner, a sister-brother team.

Thompson's Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Coffee is a family farm in the Northeast outskirts of West Sunbury. Largely it consists of two large farm houses, a sturdy barn and workshop and an array of greenhouses. Local help tends to the products under the guidance of family workers while one family member coordinates security.

St. Alphonsus Parish is an old run-down church that has been rebuilt as best as could be expected.  The caretaker of this place is a one Father Karl Malarkey.  A devout man of the cloth, Karl tends to the weekly masses and looks after the morale of the townsfolk.  Karl is also a Ley Line Walker, and is mentoring a handful of up and coming mages in the borough.  To help tend to the town, he runs a small business called Diocese Administrative Services which serves as a manpower agency and work broker for labor around the borough.  Diocese Administrative Services handles a range of tasks from civil construction all the way down to home maintenance.  Some of their contracts are also for farm hands during the harvest season.

Veronica Hillard runs a small cartographer shop in one of the rooms of Dassa McKinney Academy where she keeps notes and a giant map of the area.  It's a one-woman operation that she conducts from inside a suit of Terrain Hopper power armor.  Veronica's sole interest is in getting the lay of the land and though she has learned much of the area surrounding the Borough of West Sunbury, she has not gotten far in the last few years.  A slight woman, Veronica is no warrior and takes great pains to not be captured, impaired, or inhibited by the entities and creatures who roam the countryside.  If the question pertains to local geography, Veronica is the woman in the know.


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