The Borough of West Sunbury

‚ÄčOnce a sleepy borough before the Rifts now a frontier town in the no-man's land between the Federation of Magic, the Minions of Splugorth, and the untamed wilds of Pre-Rifts Western Pennsylvania.


Population; 200, plus a transient population of about 100 in any given quarter.

Campaign Date; approximately year 108-109 of the Post Apocalyptic calendar.

Mayor; A full-conversion Borg female by the name of Trenton Newjersey.

Postman; Male Rogue Scholar by the name of Sedgewick Joswiak who has actually seen the Pre-Rifts movie with Kevin Costner and loves to talk about it.

Priest of St. Alphonsus Catholic Church; Father Karl Malarkey

Steward of West Sunbury United Presbyterian; Randy Lake, a Shifter.

Funeral Home Director; 

Geographical Area; Built on Pre-Rifts West Sunbury

Holdings; Surrounding two-mile radius, six miles North, four miles South. Several residents have farms nearby.

Amenities; Pony Express station, Two churches, Funeral Home / Infirmary, convenience store/ trading post, mechanic. Dassa Elementary is still up. Moniteau High still exists but is mostly ruined. Only one fourth remains in working order.

Roads; Rt 308 stops at the bridge over the Stony Run River to Butler and is in ruins most of the way to that. A 4×4 can travel it at about 25 mph. Rt 8 is passable from Pittsburgh to the Nexus and up to old I-80. Dark things hunt sections of that road. A mercenary company called The Turnpike Commission keeps passage to Breezewood as clear as they can.

Notes; Still called a borough. Presbyterian church is haunted. Catholic Church is run by a Priest who just so happens to be a Ley Line Walker. Slippery Rock is in shambles.

Surrounding Allies; Armstrong Police Company in Butler (Not much but a few squads and vehicles operating out of the old police barracks.) Old Man Boyers. Mr. Logan.

Surrounding Threats; Underground Mine is now home to a tribe of Orks. Rumor tells of a great beast that lives in Camp Bucoco. The Armstrong Police Company has been known to shoot non-humans and Magic users as often as let everybody go and tend toward a loose interpretation of law and order. West Sunbury is not under the jurisdiction of the APC, but their leader, Argyle Dresden would like to change that. Something large and evil prowls around Camp Bucoco. The woods in between crawl with both wildlife and things that eat wildlife.  Wild Psi-Stalker tribes also rove the land.  Most only want a nibble to eat, but some will go as far as to kill.  The ones that hunt in packs tend to be the more dangerous.  Splugorth Slaver raids have been heard of as close as Kittanning, though that particular one was a one-off.

Surrounding Neutral Parties; The edge of the Federation of Magic is close enough to consider its existence. Rumors of a city of psychics have floated around.

Ley Lines; There are two short Ley lines in the area. One runs along Old Route 8, the other crosses Old Rt. 8 at a particular intersection. The Nexus here is small and never opens wider than a small vehicle could drive through. Very few beings have ever come or gone through it.



The Borough of West Sunbury

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