Area Factions

Borough Militia and Recce "The BoroMiR"; As the years through the Dark Age of Technology waned and mankind in the area began to force back the ravages of demons and monsters from the Rifts, the Borough of West Sunbury saw the need for a standing militia as a bulwark against the darkness and the eyes and ears of the land.  Comprised mostly of Wilderness Scouts and various Men at Arms, the BoroMiR keep West Sunbury safe and policed and patrol the three mile area surrounding the Borough.  A number of local residents have a loose organization that run a trouble ticket system over the radio out of the old Fire Hall. 

The area around West Sunbury has seen several factions rise to power over the last couple hundred years.


Iron Mountain Warband

Clan Thompson Distillery

Diocese Administrative Services

Farmhands Union

Area Factions

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