Surrounding Areas

Boyers; Borough razed to the ground.  All that remains are burned out buildings occasionally picked through by scavengers.

Slippery Rock; Town heavily damaged during an Ork siege, now largely abandoned.  The University there has been picked clean during the 300-year dark age since the cataclysm that brought on the Rifts and reclamation of that knowledge is largely why West Sunbury survived.

Underground Mine / Iron Mountain Facility; Largely avoided since the Ork Rant of the year 73 Post Apocalyptic calendar.

Waste Management; The area has seemingly cordoned itself off and overgrown with thick trees and brush.  None who have ventured in have returned since as far back as anyone can remember.  As the story goes, the whole hill that makes up the exterior of the landfill became super-fertile and began to grow.  Workers and volunteers attempted to cut back the vegetation until they started having unexplainable accidents.  Over the course of a Spring, Summer and Autumn, the landfill perimeter grew a thick and nigh impenetrable forest around it.  The area is strong with magic, but no one dares go there.

Butler; Southern half of the city flooded out in the area near the aqueduct.  The Island is underwater and much of downtown is riverfront property now.  Everything higher than the bottom of Big Butler Hill is fine.  Clearview mall is in shambles after years of neglect.

Seneca Valley and Zelienople; Now a lake.

Chicora;  River running through the South part of town swelled up and swallowed the town.  Most of the inhabitants got away.  Among them they found an odd number of Elemental Fusionists whos power awoke during the dark age.  It is said that a powerful warlock from beyond the Eastern Wall led them to build a dam and cut off the flow of water into the valley.  Though it worked like a charm to save the town, the Warlock had made a pact with an evil entity and there came afterwards a time when the inhabitants became insane and largely slaughtered each other.

Connoquenessing; Sacked by the Shawnee Indians.

Saxonburg and Lernerville Speedway; Sacked by Orks.  Town is a thriving Ork community.

Kittanning;  A large town situated on the banks of the Allegheny River was wiped out by flooding and remains underwater to this day.

Lake Moraine; is now somewhat larger, but is still a lake.

Pittsburgh; Having been built in a river basin at an intersection of three rivers, Pittsburgh seems a prime candidate for total destruction, however, only the lower parts down by the water where the three rivers meet saw the most damage.  The hills that make up the suburbs of Pittsburgh are actually quite high and did not suffer so much.  All the flat lands along the riverbanks are flooded out, but the higher points of the city have been largely unscathed saved for the ravages of 300 years of dark ages and another 100 years of neglect.  The good news is that the parts of the city that survived still kept a healthy amount of the Iron City spirit.  The denizens of Pittsburgh have rebuilt up to the Industrial Revolution with the aid of a small cabal of Techno-Wizards and Operators.  Manufacturing has started to return to what is left of the city.


Area Factions

Surrounding Areas

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