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The coming of the Rifts had a devastating effect on the Eastern seaboard of the United States.  Rising flood waters and tidal waves of gargantuan proportions battered everything East of the Allegheny mountains and largely what was not washed away was buried under tens of feet of silt.  The Western half of the State of Pennsylvania fared much better environmentally as it did not rest on a fault line, but the ley line storms and next three hundred years of roving demons, monsters, and dimensional beings made short work of the rest of the inhabitants of the state, leaving few pockets of resistance or humanity.  To the North of West Sunbury the once quaint borough of Boyers survived the storms only to be razed to the ground by a warband of Orks.  To the East, Chicora was saved from rising flood waters by a cabal of Elemental Fusionists and a powerful Warlock, only to turn into a charnel house as the inhabitants set upon each other in a horrific fit of insanity.  To the West, Slippery Rock is a ghost town in shambles, regularly ransacked by salvage hunters.  To the South, the town of Butler lay mostly in ruins as it's position along a river resulted in severe flooding and then the following 300 years were not kind to the town.

Amid all this chaos, the tiny borough of West Sunbury lay all but overlooked.  The Ork invasion that wiped out Boyers spent much of its energy and manpower in the Siege of Slippery Rock and what Orks remained retreated back to the Iron Mountain facility.  The forces that plague Butler continue to hunt and stalk prey there and the major bridge across Route 308 has been wiped out by the waters of the Stony Run River.

The Borough of West Sunbury is not without its problems, however, and bad news does not get better with age.

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