Caveat Spatium Portalis

The Ten Caveats to the Players

  • Thou shalt not commit thyself to role-playing a caricature of the opposite gender.
  • Thou shalt not exit an aerial or aerospace vehicle sans the appropriate survival gear, abilities or a prayer that you will survive.
  • Thou shalt not speak in character unless thou dost mean thy character to say it. 
  • Thou shalt not argue the function of Carpet of Adhesion.
  • Thou shalt not apply Physical Prowess to firearms.  Mental Endurance works better.
  • Thou shalt not expect 6th Sense to infallibly protect you.  You will totally know the sniper bullet is coming when it crosses the 90-foot line.
  • Thou shalt not assume that thou art invincible.
  • Thou shalt not disregard thy alignment freely.
  • Thou shalt not expect Curse of the World Bizarre to go unpunished.
  • For future use…

Ten Caveats of the Game

  • The Earth is a Mega-Damage Structure.
  • Your last shred of armor will save you, but it's going to hurt.
  • Your stank-ass needs to get out of your armor from time to time.
  • Mega-Damage creatures feel pain.  Their threshold is their PE attribute.
  • Cash is good, credits are better, barter is best.
  • Tech levels outside of high-tech metropolis range from starving Ethiopia to a well-armed 21st-century Pittsburgh.
  • I've beefed up the healing abilities and the availability of medical resources in this game.  Healers are revered above Mechanics only by a narrow margin.
  • Damage bleeds through body armor and power armor at a 1:1 and 1:10 ratio respectively.
  • Did you show up?  Did you role-play?  Did you do something awesome?
  • Rifts has a ton of ways and means to accomplish nearly any character you can conceive.  Enjoy!

Caveat Spatium Portalis

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