West Sunbury Us Deep

Discord Channel is Live
Establishing Comms

Thanks to Skruffiweezil for taking the initiative to set up a Discord server and handing it over to play.

Today we discussed some basic rules, GM hacks, and things left unsaid.  We also established server roles in Discord and tested out some channel features.  Two links are pinned to the top of the general text channel.

Most of the GM hacks and basic rules we discussed are on the relevant wiki page Caveat Spatium Portalis but I did also go over the Ranged Combat Rules available in Rifter 11.  These rules are optional and you are welcome to select Ranged Combat Rogue, Ranged Combat Infantry, Ranged Combat Special Forces, or Ranged Combat Sniper if it corresponds to your Hand to Hand Skill level.  If you spend one skill slot, you may take any Ranged Combat Skill that you like regardless of what Hand to Hand Combat skill you took.  I will post these rules as soon as I can figure out how to get a digital PDF of those pages from Rifter 11.

[ADMIN] First Meeting and Framework
Fits and Starts

Thanks for joining me on the call today.  I look forward to starting the game soon.  I am continuing to flesh out the area and lay groundwork for you to run in.  I have also uploaded a character sheet.  If you use Adobe Acrobat Reader, you can fill out this sheet electronically.  Beware, it's very robust and has a butt-ton of fields for you to enter.  You don't have to use it, but it's my favorite sheet to use for my characters.


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